We want your car to have quality care even after the sale, so we are expanding our range of services to include hand-washing and cleaning of the car, incl. OZONE disinfection. We provide the hand-washing service in our modern AS Pneucare Centre.

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100% quality of our services

100% addiction on car perfuming

100% disinfection of your car

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We have plenty of experience with hand-washing cars. We have washed thousands of cars by hand and have been doing it for many years. Many of our clients have become obsessed with the perfume and cleanliness of the car after the service. We don‘t have the ambition to offer many programs and options, so we have selected the best two for you, which are tested by our clients – Standard AS and Exclusive AS. In the current situation, we also offer FREE ozone disinfection to all our clients’ cars.

The programs we offer are called Standard AS and Exclusive AS. Both of them include hand washing, removal of dried insects, manual drying of the car, complete vacuuming of the interior including cargo area, cleaning of dashboard, treatment of interior plastic and tyres, cleaning of aluminium discs, polishing of windows and mirrors, beating of floor mats and deodorizing of the interior. In addition, the Exclusive AS program offers manual protective waxing by nanotechnologies with lasting effect of up to 3 months.

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